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Nail Shop & Custom Nails

Having your nails done at a salon is a nice experience. You are able to sit and relax, while someone else does all of the work. When you come to Pretty Nail Spa, we do both manicures and pedicures, as well as a whole lot more. The staff at our nail shop are very talented. They can do a full set of acrylics, gels, or powder dip nails, and they can polish your nails any way that you choose. You can opt for a traditional one or a two color finish, have some amazing artwork painted on your nails, or let us create custom nails for you.

Custom nails are perfect for special occasions, or for those times when you want your nails to make a big impact. Our nails are truly a work of art. You won't find a nail salon with a more dedicated and talented staff than the one you will find at Pretty Nail Spa. Our technicians have a passion for nails. They have studied and continually study to ensure that they are ready to tackle new techniques in nail art and nail care.

While we always want to ensure that your nails look amazing, our priority is to always ensure the health of your nails. We care about our clients, and doing our best for you is always first and foremost in our minds. We know that you'll like our prices as we keep them reasonable. We also know that you'll love our relaxing and clean salon.

Our website at has more information about us. Feel free to look around and then contact us with any questions that you may have. If there is something special that you want on your nails, please feel free to discuss it with one of our nail technicians. In our nail shop, we strive to make each experience positive and memorable. Come in to see what sets us apart from the rest.

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